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The Internal Alarm: Anxiety in Men

Anxiety tends to appear out of a fear perceived by your nervous system. Whether the fear is real or imagined, the response may be the same from your body. Anxiety can be crippling, especially if your internal alarm clock is continually stuck on and you have a hard time turning it off or understanding what the alarm is signalling.

Anxiety can signal many different things occurring in your body and in your mind. There is a school of thought that under anxiety there sits fear, and that anxiety is signalling to you that something you have a deep fear about is close by or is being perceived as being in your proximity. There is another school of thought that anxiety is related to a perceived fear to one’s self identity, meaning there’s an internal feeling of threat to your self identity being detected and anxiety is there to warn you about it to get you to do something about it whether that is fight this threat or flee from it.

As we work with Anxiety, we want to understand the root of it and what the emotion is trying to communicate to us, so we can ultimately better understand it to then move forward appropriately. Anxiety tends to keep us in a spiral and distract us from sitting with it out of the fear that it’ll get worse or that we will somehow be overcome by this fear that is being felt. Whether it’s a top down or bottoms up approach, there is no one single way of approaching anxiety, it all depends on what the root of it for you is. We don’t want to erase our anxiety or get rid of it entirely as it serves a purpose, we want to understand the message so we can learn to listen better and hear what our body needs in order to bring back a sense of calm, peace, and confidence.

The ability to sit with your internal experience is a superpower in deepening your understanding of yourself. Listen to your Anxiety, it has much to tell you and the more you listen, the more you’ll be able to help yourself.

For true healing and growth, one can start looking inwards with curiosity, compassion, and purpose

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