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Depression in Men

Depression in Men & Treatment for it.

Male depression is an all too common experience for Men today. With an estimated one-third of all Men who have or will experience a bout of depression in their life, it’s more common then we may think. Depression brings about many different experiences such as immense internal sadness, loneliness, shame & guilt, feeling hopeless and a loss of wanting to participate in activities you may have once found enjoyable. It may feel like you’ve lost the zest of life. Depression is a very treatable experience for Men.

What can often be the case for Men not to acknowledge their depression is to go into overworking, or what can be called performance based esteem, this means that you place your level of self worth into what you do and the how you feel about yourself depends on the outcome of how well you do something.

Starting to reconnect to yourself is a process and seeking support during this process can help you not feel so alone in your suffering and journey. Men are told to be silent sufferers from an early age from their environments to how society conditions us to be with our emotions and authentic Self.


You don’t need to suffer alone anymore. Get the support you need and start to reconnect to yourself and the world around you in a way that feels like you’re starting to experience the richness in the zest of life.



Do you feel like it’s hard to connect to joy right now?

Stop running from yourself today and get the support you deserve.

“The covertly depressed person cannot merely vault over the avoided pain directly into wholeness, as hard as he may try. The only real cure for covert depression is overt depression. Not until the man has stopped running, as David did for a moment that day in my office, or Thomas did when he let himself cry, can he grapple with the pain that has driven his behavior. This is why the “fix” of the compulsive defense never quite works. First, the covertly depressed man must walk through the fire from which he has run. He must allow the pain to surface. Then, he may resolve his hidden depression by learning about self-care and healthy esteem.”

  • Terrance Real

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